I was born within months of the outbreak of war, in the then pit town of Castleford West Yorkshire.

As a growing lad in Cas my bedroom window looked directly up the 'back' street towards my Infant and Junior School a half mile away, on the hill beyond sat the winding gear of Glasshoughton Colliery. A young Henry Moore lived next door but one, but that was before I was born, when I arrived he had left for London or wherever.

I was told I was talented from childhood having a natural ability to sketch and draw, I sketched pencil portraits of my pals and family and excelled at art in School. But, a memorable 1950's Grammar School education followed by Architectural studies, whilst enhancing my natural talents, directed me away from pure Art to a lifetime career in Architecture and the building form.

Producing endless illustrative images of design projects over many years, whilst managing an Architectural Practice, saw the development of a strong technique in the use of watercolour and mixed media which evolved as 'loose' or detailed interpretations dependent on subject. That technique continues to evolve today in a greatly more relaxed environment of painting in studio or 'en plein air'.

My wife Hilda and I together with our young family, moved to the Yorkshire Dales in 1971. Living in the Dales coupled with a working life in the hustle and bustle of Northern Cities has given me a much developed awareness for landscape and townscape in equal measure. With each I feel a deep affiliation, the undulating softness, rugged outcrops and endless changing hues of Dales landscape, counterpointed against the scale, strong geometry and perspective of townscape.

After 15 years of constant watercolour's in 2018 I took a deep breathe and jumped feet first into painting in oils. I can truthfully say I am 'hooked' on the medium enjoying every second of the freedom and immediacy it gives.

I work on a broad range of subjects, My work has considerable content, thus, the balance and composition of the piece becomes so very important with texture, tone and depth of field, all playing their part to achieve the emotion and atmosphere of the painting. Dales landscapes naturally provide daily personal inspiration, but I draw inspiration from travels to anywhere home or abroad, and from environments architectural, mountainous or marine, such is the delight of it all.